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Even the best book in your catalog can be slaughtered by a bad translation. Our vast experience in the publishing world allows us to understand exactly what you need to make your book a success. By choosing our services, you have the opportunity to have your books translated by the best specialists in the market.

Choose specialized translators

We choose translators with extensive experience or training in a given field. Our translators also master the specialized terminology, which guarantees the accuracy and consistency of each translation.

Our project managers review each step of the process to ensure that it complies with the guidelines. They detect obstacles and avoid them in time: their task is to improve the quality and reduce the delay of your translations.

Benefit from the knowledge of specialized publishers and reviewers

We go through all the steps necessary to give your text the format, style and accuracy it deserves. Our publishers are known for their sense of detail and precision; our reviewers, for their part, detect and correct errors in text production. Their many years of experience ensure a high and consistent level of accuracy.

Discover the potential of a community translation platform

You can consider a community translation platform as an additional element in your book translation work, regardless of genre. This platform allows you to take advantage of the specialized knowledge of your fans and readers. They will be happy to share their knowledge on a variety of topics, help you produce better translations, and perhaps even expand your publication schedule. You can translate large amounts of information at a low price while strengthening your relationship with your reader community. The process is overseen in its entirety by our project managers and controlled by yourself.

Discover an instant translation platform

You can manage your translations in a traditional way, by entrusting them to a professional translator, or use our new approach – a multitasking translation platform. It is a perfect combination of technology and human know-how that allows you to translate texts of any nature such as books, business information or contracts. It is a modern tool, allowing each publisher to supervise the translation process of any book or official document. You will particularly appreciate it when you have to translate an updated version of an already translated book. Usually only a small part of the text is added or modified – the rest is unchanged. With this tool at your disposal, you will save time and the marketing of your books will be more immediate. The platform helps you to control the editing plan, update it, track its progress, and use consistent terminology in all publications. This last characteristic is particularly important when terminological changes occur due to the introduction of new technologies, new products, new names, etc.

Here is the list of literary genres we have already translated:

  • Business and investments
  • Cookbooks
  • IT and technology
  • Leisure and Creative Arts
  • Education and training
  • History
  • Medicine
  • Relational
  • Philosophy
  • Politics and Public Affairs
  • Psychology
  • Science and nature
  • Personal development
  • Social Sciences
  • Sociology
  • Sport and adventures
  • traveling

Reduce DTP costs with competitive prices for our services

We can provide you with DTP services in any language, for a booklet, a manual, a leaflet or an entire book. Working with a large number of operating systems and using multilingual graphics and publishing software allows us to create templates and document designs as well as format and layout localized material that matches the original and conforms to the standards of the target language. We collaborate with experienced and qualified specialists to guarantee you a perfect final product.

Help with editing translation

You can manage your translations in a classic way, by delegating them to a professional translator, or choose a new approach. With our experience in publishing, we know what will make your book a success.


imlingo manager Supervise the budget and the team of each book.
MT-lingo Increase consumer satisfaction by multiplying the number of languages ​​available on help portals, knowledge bases, and instant messaging.
Post-lingo Accelerate time-to-market by using technology in combination with the language skills of your publishers.
TM-Lingo Keep the brand consistent regardless of language and channel.
Save on future editions of your books.
Proof-lingo Make it easy for your publishers and reviewers.
Simplify every change while keeping control over projects.
DTP Services Use the skills of our DTP specialists and our graphic designers to ensure that your final product will stand out from the crowd for its quality and perfection.
Crowdenter Simplify the publishing of content tailored to a specific audience or market.
Keep your customers loyal

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