Plate-forme de gestion de projets en ligne: imlingo

You can manage your resources efficiently and keep control over the entire translation process. The online project management platform is a modern, secure solution that integrates all of your company’s translation projects into a single site.


Imlingo improves the productivity of project management by automating all standard processes, helping you to manage your projects more efficiently and clearly. Imlingo assures you:

  • Control of all previous and current projects;
  • The possibility to request new translations 7/7 and 24/24;
  • Work planning and verification of progress of translations in progress;
  • The integration of the Translation Memory and the management of machine translation into the translation process;
  • An online communication platform that allows you to improve internal communication and share information;
  • Comprehensive reports, financial history included;
  • The ability to choose your preferred operating system for installation;
  • The cost reduction based on the quote based on automatic CAT analysis, thus speeding up your decision-making and translation process.

All of these features, and many more, make imlingo a necessity for companies that frequently work with translated documents.


Complete control and transparency

Imlingo allows careful management thanks to its central common system. Throughout the process, you can benefit from complete transparency and control over translation costs, the flow of documents, the time spent on each project as well as all the information on the date of commencement of the project. translation and the person who took charge of it.

Accessibility and ease of use

Users can connect to the system over the Internet from any type of computer, regardless of the browser used. Any authorized user can make new translation requests 7 days a week and 24 hours a day.

Confidential data protection

In all our projects, we are committed to providing solutions that guarantee data security at all times. For this reason, Imlingo Manager has been created in accordance with the latest IT technologies to ensure data security, operational reliability and system flexibility.

Multipurpose Manager

This solution offers many possibilities for integration and one of its advantages lies in its ability to control all human translations at each stage of their production:

The online project management platform allows the use of a Translation Memory for each project and details the savings.

imlingo helps you efficiently manage machine translation when you use it to get fast results.

Using this solution also gives you the opportunity to follow the process of post-editing automatically translated documents and thus observe their improvement.



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