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The tourism, accommodation and travel sectors are experiencing strong growth. If you want to grow your business and attract customers from around the world, you have to overcome the most different language barriers. Internet users are four times more willing to use the services of a site providing information in their own language. With a website, brochures and other material translated into the language of your potential customers, your business is likely to significantly increase its number of foreign customers.

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We offer our services to hotels, resorts, bed and breakfasts, travel agencies, restaurants or caterers: we translate their products and services for new foreign customers. You can order your translations from our team of experienced translators and use our services in a traditional way or, to translate large volumes, you can also turn to the advanced solutions that we are able to offer you.

You can do it immediately

By using the latest memory and DTP tools, we can increase efficiency while reducing the cost of your translations. You can use a state-of-the-art tool – the online translation platform, where all your translations are integrated, allowing you to maintain control and reduce costs at the same time. It also allows you to translate all your content, including websites, brochures, leaflets, « last minute » offers and menus, as well as e-mails, instant messages, corporate documents and official correspondence, all effectively and efficiently. at a reasonable price.

Use the knowledge of global communities

The expert knowledge of a global community of specialists can be optimally exploited as its members have a wealth of knowledge in your sector and are familiar with the specific jargon. Your community of translators, editors, reviewers, project managers and any other participant learns about your product and everyone becomes your ambassador in your market. Your translations are done in real time and you are able to oversee the entire process while increasing your impact and reducing translation costs.

Tourist Translation Assistance

Grow your business and attract customers from around the world with leading translations.

imlingo manager Automatically divide the workload among the team members.

Respond to customer requests on the other side of the world in less time than it takes to say.

Manage requests more efficiently

Provide multilingual support with multilingual content online.

Post-lingo Have your brochures, leaflets, short messages, etc. translated. in multiple languages, while saving time and money.
TM-Lingo Reduce translation costs
Proof-lingo Check and update your documents and make any changes you want.
Crowdenter Increase your international sales and retain your customers.

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