Online Proofreading Environment: Proof-lingo

Gain the ability to correct any previously translated text by using an accessible online editor; now you will be able to fine-tune your translations easily and with reference to the source document.


Improve any chosen document within a company with the extended capabilities of the Proof-lingo tool:

  • online proofreading of any previously translated text
  • option of blocking or allowing the addition of ICE Match segments (segments which have not been changed during the translation process)
  • checking of segments changed during the document update
  • ability to search for specific errors


Less time and effort

Now proofreading of every consecutive version of the same document takes much less time and your internal proof-readers may perform their work with less strain and greater results.


Thanks to the up-to-date technological solutions applied to Proof-lingo, the internal costs within your department will be significantly reduced.

Accuracy and consistency

By using Proof-lingo, you will have professionally written and high-quality documents free of careless mistakes. You can also be certain that all of your translations will be completely consistent and carried out according to your regulations and terminology.

Clearly composed documents

During the process of proof-reading, you have the chance to examine and improve the organization and formatting of documents. This also helps to guarantee that the general tone of the message is communicated effectively.

Facilitation and improvement

Additionally, we can offer you a further increase in productivity by connecting Proof-lingo to TM-lingo. Gain access to a much easier internal proofreading and document control system. Take the chance to accelerate human translation productivity as part of the translation process. Click for more information.



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