One of our main concerns has always been security of records management. We pay special attention to the proper sharing and storage of all documents containing key information of our customers. With the development of advanced security procedures we communicate to our customers the importance of protecting valuable electronic content, which, for example, can be easily and accidentally shared via the Internet or e-mails.

For this reason, after much research and development, we created and introduced Lingosec .

Protect your business by using our information protection software .


  • A unique and multilingual tool that will hide sensitive information;
  • The only tool to de-personalize, anonymize information and transmit it to the target language;
  • An easy internal tool that works in full compliance with protection laws and non-disclosure agreements;
  • A service that protects your content from being submitted to third parties, losing the ownership of data (Google Translate, Bing etc.) or your subcontractors (translation agencies, law firms) that can potentially be unprotected against cyber-attacks and piracy;
  • Software that can be hosted by your company and can work as a buffer between the owner of the text (the company) and a third party, protecting the information through language encryption.

Below you can discover all the advantages of Lingosec:

  • Document security without any alteration of their internal structure and uniformity;
  • High security for customers, employees and suppliers
  • Protection of the intellectual property of the company and its competitiveness;
  • Compliance with signed non-disclosure agreements;
  • Respect of the laws of the European Union on the protection of data, to allow you to be exempt from the serious fines which, in the event of extreme offense, can rise up to 2% annual global.

Lingosec provides comprehensive and state-of-the-art protection that can minimize the risk of information loss and economic espionage.

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