Traductions en relations publiques et marketing

Poorly translated documents can jeopardize your marketing strategy, your brand and your relationships with your customers. That’s why you should always give your texts to a creative translator who knows the culture and habits of consumers in the target country.

Translate what you want, as you want

We are ready to meet the expectations of the most demanding clients, whether they are creative web content, brochures or other marketing material, adaptation of the brand name, market research, press releases or documents financial. Our translators have both linguistic and editorial skills, which allows them to find the right style while preserving the persuasive effect on the reader. All our translators are graduates and work towards their mother tongue; the projects are allocated to the translators according to the expertise of each one of them.

Involve global communities

Knowing the culture of the intended audience is the key to translating advertising content. A successful marketing translation is a translation that preserves the idea of ​​the original message and transforms it – locates it – for foreign markets. Companies around the world have already discovered the benefits of working with global communities. What we offer you is a community translation platform, an innovative tool that helps you reach the community, encouraging people to offer their creative translation skills for the benefit of the many marketing information in the brochures, advertisements or on websites. They can also advise you as to the keywords to select for the translation of websites to specific markets, or refer you to new products and solutions. You keep control of the entire process while earning creative employees and loyal users.

Translate instantly with an online translation platform

We also offer translation solutions covering a wide range of marketing content that does not require much creativity, for example: marketing reports, agreements, e-mails and official correspondence. As a result, we can provide you with a valuable tool, a secure translation platform on which all the translation processes of the same company are integrated into one and the same site. With this tool, you can instantly translate all your corporate messages, ensuring that no « accidental » leakage will occur on the Internet, which can happen if you use free translation tools available online.

Make sure you have a high level of quality

All translations are proofread and corrected by a second translator, which guarantees you a very high quality result. We use a standardized project management process, which translates each translation into a predefined series of steps and controls to maintain a high level of excellence and strict timeliness.

Our team of translators specializes in:

  • Advertising
  • Brochures and leaflets
  • Google AdWords
  • Search engine content
  • Web sites
  • Press Releases
  • Market trends
  • Marketing strategies
  • Advertising returns
  • slogans

Support for translation in the fields of public relations and marketing

Entrust your texts to a creative translator who knows the culture and habits of consumers in the target country.


imlingo manager Check deadlines and expenses.
MT-lingo Gain a better understanding of foreign texts such as reports or articles.
Instantly communicate in a foreign language.
Post-lingo Your large volumes with new or updated content are translated quickly at a lower cost than traditional cost.
Send your products to international markets faster and control the consistency of your brand.
TM-Lingo Get a better consistency of all translated material.
Proof-lingo Produce high-quality, consistent content in a variety of languages ​​and more quickly.
DTP Services Make your brochures and leaflets stand out from the rest thanks to their quality and perfection.
Crowdenter Engage with your customers through targeted multi-channel campaigns.
Get your customers involved in targeted campaigns across multiple channels.

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