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Do you know that every day:

  • Most international companies violate non-disclosure agreements without knowing it?
  • The competitiveness of your business may be at stake?
  • Thousands of documents are uploaded to the Internet by your employees and subcontractors?

Why « at stake »?

Even if your working language is English, employees are increasingly exposed to foreign languages ​​and international collaborations. This is also true for your subcontractors and partners: law firms, marketing companies, translation agencies, HR companies. These third parties have direct access to your confidential data that can also be processed. Your company may be setting up confidentiality agreements, but third parties may work in a less secure environment than yours and therefore endanger your documents, using online translation tools that expose you to the most serious cyber attacks.

If the information is innocently downloaded into online programs, such as Google Translate, it enters the market directly: all sensitive or confidential data can then become public domain. What has been your potentially competitive advantage can become the advantage of a competitor. Or, even worse, you may have broken a non-disclosure agreement. And unfortunately, you or one of your colleagues may have revealed an information without knowing it.

Do you want your information to be discovered with such ease?

What are the consequences?

Confidential data has both a price and a market. The recent shocking revelations about PRISM and Project Tempora revealed that there is the desire and consequent appropriate technology to search and transmit your data. This means that governments and (commercial) intelligence have access to your trade secrets and can know the metadata collected in your business. The problem is not hypothetical, it is real.

The world of communications is constantly in motion, as are global technologies and dynamics. Information about businesses and individuals, even those that should already be secure, can always be searched for and resembled by new technologies: investing in the security of your confidential data can be the most appropriate solution for your business. .

Here are some questions for you:

  • Have you ever used free online translators?
  • Have you used virtual servers to share data?
  • Have you entrusted your documents to external translators?

If you answered  » YES  » to at least one of these questions … Your content may already be public and your business in danger: Lingosec could, in this case, be the solution to your problems.

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