À propos de Transenter

Transenter was founded in 2002 and has gradually developed its translation services to become what it is today: an innovative leader in the translation market.

  • In the field of translation and localization we have established some remarkable steps. Our team consists of experienced professionals, who translate and proofread in their native language, and who have a degree in translation or equivalent training. We collaborate with a lot of translators and use technologies that detect all the nuances of each crop and apply appropriate terminology accordingly.
  • Our language technology division employs highly qualified IT linguists who bring their expertise to the real world by providing leading-edge solutions for the management and operation of a vast amount of important information. Transenter is the best example of how to use and manage huge databases of content in a more secure and efficient way, especially in an international environment.

Our sectors of activity:

  • Finance and accounting
  • Legal
  • Medical and pharmaceutical
  • PR & Marketing
  • Edition
  • Media on the Internet
  • Technical and technological
  • Tourism and travel
  • Business Intelligence
  • Public policies
  • Recruitment

With our innovative approach to multilingual content and intelligent content analytics, your company can profitably expand new markets, increase local customer satisfaction, and easily break cultural and language barriers .

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