Traduction et localisation

Transenter offers a full range of linguistic services covering all the needs of every international company: from a simple document to website translations, online content translation and knowledge bases, to the localization of mobile applications. You can choose the products and services that best meet your expectations and requirements.

A high quality translation

You can use the services of our experienced translators and project managers: they will deliver the most complex specialized translations as soon as possible.

A large volume instantly translates

Our specialists translate all types of documents, from manuals to product documentation, and also through web content. MT-lingo adapts to all your high volume translation requirements.

Better quality automatically translated texts

With our services you can improve and correct all the content of automatic translations to meet the quality criteria, thanks to the use of a publisher accessible online. The post-editing of machine translation aims to make sentences more fluent, to correct grammatical errors and to preserve the style inherent to each subject.


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