Translation memory: TM-lingo

One of the greatest challenges of modern business is the ability to effectively use resources. Most companies possess many text resources which, thanks to modern technology, can be reused, thus enabling you to reduce your costs and workload.


When using TM-lingo you can speed up your project completion, as well as improve the quality of your work, leading to increased customer satisfaction. We provide:

  • the opportunity of reusing previously translated material
  • creation of your own database of translated texts
  • the option to pass on certain translations to internal translators, resulting in higher quality control
  • creation and maintenance of a TM-lingo and terminology data base – alignment of texts which are not yet part of the Translation Memory
  • support for a wider range of languages


Optimized translation process

Gain increased control of your linguistic assets, as well as overall consistency of the output, and take advantage of the availability of internal resources for translation.

Significant savings

TM-lingo gives you the opportunity to reduce your translation costs and turnaround time and offers you complete financial clarity.

Support of the human factor

Gain access to a user-friendly internal proofreading and document control system while taking the opportunity to accelerate human translation productivity as part of the translation process.

Consistent terminology environment

Within the TM-module, we create a centralized storage system of all your corporate terminology, industry-specific glossaries and Translation Memory (TM) databases as well as gathered translation resources, and integrate it within your business infrastructure. This enables you to translate your texts quickly, saves time and costs, and allows you to create a database of all linguistic assets within your company.

Efficiency in action

TM-lingo works perfectly when combined with Proof-lingo. Click for more information on how to make your department work more efficiently.