Services et outils d’aide à la traduction

If used wisely, technology and automation can help companies improve performance and reduce time and costs without compromising the quality of work done. They facilitate the translation process by increasing the range of services offered, allow for a higher level of localization and the delivery of content in the most different languages.

Full control throughout the entire translation process

With complete control of the translation process in its entirety, imlingo improves the productivity of project management by automating all standard processes, which helps you manage your texts efficiently and clearly.

Documents without error

You can correct all previously translated texts by using an accessible editor online and adapt your translations easily, referring to the source text.

Effective use of resources

You can get more control over your language resources by creating your own database using previously translated texts using the TM (Translation Memory).

Involve the global community

You also have the opportunity to engage the community of users or employees by providing reliable translations to expand and grow your business at a reduced cost.

Creating templates and document designs

Make sure your final product stands out for its quality and perfection, and get localized documents that meet the standards of the target language.


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