Traductions médicales et pharmaceutiques

The translation of documents from the medical and pharmaceutical fields requires a thorough knowledge of these subjects. For this reason we work with experienced language professionals, having gained a lot of experience in these fields to deliver the most complex medical translations.

Benefit from the knowledge of our specialists

Our qualified translators, trained in medical translation or graduates in medicine or pharmacy, guarantee you medical and pharmaceutical translations of great precision. Transenter collaborates with the best professionals in the world, with practical experience in many specialized medical fields and the latest regulations in this area. Our translators specialize in the fields of medicine and pharmacology, biotechnology, healthcare, medical publications, medical equipment manufacturing, medical insurance and medical communication. We use our own dictionaries and terminology, to ensure that each translation is both accurate and consistent, even for large projects.

Be aware of what’s new in your field and the latest technology solutions

In order to maintain your position in your sector, you need efficient and high quality translations of all your documentation. You can benefit from a translation platform that allows you to manage the translation process more efficiently. You thus have complete control over all your translations. Not only does the platform ensure that no leakage of confidential data will occur on the Internet, but it also aims to reflect medical terminology and regulations specific to your industry. Choose the optimal solution for your company’s needs.

Demand confidentiality and accuracy

With extensive experience in producing medical and pharmaceutical translations for many pharmaceutical companies, we are uniquely equipped to handle projects of any size or complexity, and to ensure that all translations are compliant with EMA and FDA guidelines. We have the skills to handle many projects, from patent applications to commercial contracts, through clinical research, marketing literature and sales among many others.

We translate the following types of documents:

  • Articles for specialized journals
  • Books and sponsored publications
  • Clinical, toxicological, pharmacological and biological information
  • Product Information (Hardware, Packaging Labels)
  • Medical questionnaires
  • Documentation on clinical trials
  • Conference proceedings and presentations
  • Medical Insurance Documentation
  • Training course and instructions
  • Marketing documentation
  • Information for patients
  • Research Brochures
  • Information about the registration of medicines
  • Regulatory texts
  • Toxicology reports
  • Institutional websites and portals

Help with medical and pharmaceutical translation

Work with professionals language, domain specialists and project managers able to deliver the most complex medical translations and more specialized. Take a closer look at our services and tools available for your company by clicking on the name of the products or services.

imlingo manager Order all your important translations 7 days a week and 24 hours a day.
Reduce the costs associated with content development, localization and delivery.
MT-lingo Speed ​​up your overall communication with fast instant messaging translations.
Better understand medical and pharmaceutical articles in trade journals.
Post-lingo Reach local markets without losing control of your brand and the consistency of your communication.
TM-Lingo Translate by focusing on the consistency of your communication, conference proceedings and product presentations.
Proof-lingo Give your specialists the opportunity to improve and update your translated documents.
DTP Services Publish flyers, leaflets, brochures and product descriptions in any language, quickly and professionally.

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