Environnement de révision en ligne: Proof-lingo

Take advantage of the possibility to correct all previously translated texts with an online editor: now you can adapt your translations easily and by referring to the source document.


You can enhance each document with the unlimited capabilities of the Proof-lingo tool, which offers:

  • Online revision of any previously translated text;
  • The ability to block or allow the addition of ICE segments (segments corresponding to 100%, which were not modified during the translation process);
  • Verification of modified segments during the document update;
  • The ability to search for specific errors.


Less time and effort

Now, reviewing each successive version of the same document takes much less time and your internal reviewers do their work with less stress and more results.

Cost reduction

With updated technology solutions applied to Proof-lingo, the internal costs for your department will be significantly reduced.

Accuracy and coherence

By using Proof-lingo, you get professional, high-quality documents that are free from negligence errors. You will be certain of the consistency of your translations and their compliance with your regulations and terminology.

Clear documents

During the review process, you can review and improve the organization and formatting of documents. This also helps you maintain the general tone of the message.

Improvement and facilities

In addition, we offer you an increase in your productivity by linking Proof-lingo to TM-lingo. You can take advantage of a simpler internal review and a document control system, as well as the opportunity to accelerate the productivity of human translation. Click for more information

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