Traduction automatique: MT-lingo

Transenter introduces MT-lingo, an automatic translation software to build an online translation memory interface. Unlike free translation tools, this secure and personalized translation memory draws up company-specific terminology and specialized glossaries. MT-Lingo can be integrated into the existing infrastructure of the company.


Transenter can use MT-lingo to tailor all your high-volume translation requests: for texts relating to technical support, product documentation, web content or any other need, Transenter can offer you :

  • Unlimited number of translation systems in most fields and language combinations;
  • The development of a translation system based on your translated documents and its integration with your existing translation system;
  • Security throughout the translation process;
  • A guarantee that you are the sole owner of all the processed material.

We offer the integration of the machine translation system with two additional options depending on the desired level of quality:

An instant quality , that is to say an automated result in real time: the control of document or e-mail, the translation aimed at the basic understanding of any text, website, chat, note, e-mail , instant messenger or social media.

Superior quality , that is, an automated result + human revision: an improved understanding of the document following machine translation.


Reduced time to market

You will reach your consumers faster and present your new products, enhancements or updates. Transenter uses innovative technologies to provide you with services much faster than human translators and MT-lingo offers you increased productivity due to the use of machine translation software.

A secure terminology environment

The secure, custom machine translation system allows you to use a centralized enterprise terminology storage system, specialized glossaries, translation memory (TM) databases, and translation resources, as well as the ability to integrate it with the infrastructure of your company.


Reduced translation costs

A well-developed translation tool reduces the work of translators as well as the cost of human translations. In addition, it gives you a better understanding of the original language text and helps you gather and process information in a much shorter time.

A post-editing solution

Auto translated texts can be useful only if you need to understand the general meaning of the text. If you want to use the text for other purposes, it will have to be processed later. Whenever you need to improve your translated documents automatically, you have to choose a functional post-editing tool. Click the button below to learn more:

Manage your resources

You can maintain control over the entire translation process using the online project management platform, a modern, secure solution that integrates all of your company’s translation projects into one single site:


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