Online Project Management Platform: imlingo

Manage your resources effectively and maintain full control over the whole translation process. The Online Project Management Platform is a secure and modern solution that integrates all translation projects within your company into one site.


imlingo enhances the productivity of project management through the automation of all standard processes, helping you manage your projects effectively and with more clarity:

  • tracking of all present and past projects
  • option of ordering new translations 24/7
  • scheduling of work and checking the status of translations in progress
  • integration of translation memory and machine translation management with the translation process
  • online communication platform to improve internal communication and information sharing
  • complete reports, including financial history
  • ability to choose the operating system onto which it will be installed
  • cutting costs based on automated CAT grid quotation, speeding up your decision making and translation process

All of the above features, and more, make the imlingo a virtual necessity for companies who frequently deal with translated material.


Total control and transparency

imlingo enables comprehensive management through one common, central system. Throughout the whole process, you have full transparency and control over the translation costs, document flow or time spent on each project as well as when and by whom each translation was commissioned.

Accessible and easy to use

Users can connect to the system via Internet and work through a chosen browser. Web technology provides access to the system and data from any computer with internet access. Any authorized user can add translation requests 24/7.

Protection of confidential data

In all of our enterprises, we focus on providing solutions to ensure full security of all confidential data at all times. The imlingo Manager was created according to the latest IT technologies, which ensure data security, operational reliability and system flexibility.

Flexibility of choice

Allow yourself the flexibility to choose multiple language service providers without losing out on the benefits of a Translation Memory.

Versatile manager

This solution has numerous integration possibilities; one of its advantages is the ability to control all single provider human translations at each stage of production:


The Online Project Management Platform enables the use of Translation Memory in each translation project and shows the real savings that you make.


imlingo also helps you to effectively manage the Machine Translation process whenever you are willing to use automated translation to deliver fast results.


Using this solution also gives you the chance to track the post-editing process for your machine translated documents and observe the improvement process.