Environnement de post-édition en ligne: Post-lingo

Automatic translation is only sufficient when you have to understand the general meaning of a text. On the other hand, if you want to improve a document and use it for external purposes, additional processing will be necessary.


Post-editing is the process by which the machine translation is corrected to meet the requested quality criteria. We offer you:

  • Post-editing of texts automatically translated by means of an online editor;
  • The ability to select a machine translation system for each language combination;
  • An easy and immediate system, even for users with little post-editing experience;
  • The possibility to post-edit the text with your own specialists or with our team of professionals, who master the system and deliver you the final product.


A precise and complete final message

The editing option is intended to make sentences smoother, to correct grammatical errors, and to maintain the style inherent to each subject.

Overall coherence

The terminology is usually managed by the translation memory system, thus ensuring the consistency of all the texts of your company.

Increased productivity

Post-editing productivity is significantly higher and can double the productivity of manual translation. In addition, the more post-editing, the higher the quality of machine translation, which reduces the cost and time required for translation.

The best solutions on the market

If you are not fully satisfied with your machine translation system and want better results, turn to the MT-lingo custom solution. Click the button below to learn more:

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