Plate-forme de traduction communautaire: Crowdenter

The translation process involves the collaboration of many individuals: authors, developers, translators, reviewers, sales and marketing specialists as well as end-users.


You can benefit from the specialized knowledge of your clients and associates, of all those who are familiar with the language of your sector and the objectives of your company. Here is what we offer:

  • Using advanced translation technologies;
  • Workflow management;
  • A connection with your community fostering wider collaboration;
  • Recycling your content
  • The opportunity to improve the quality of your translations.


Building your brand

You can take the opportunity to solicit your community by providing reliable translations to grow and grow your business profitably. These are people who value your brand and your products and services; they want to feel that they are somehow part of your society.

Low cost speed

The platform allows you to reuse texts that have already been translated; In this way, you avoid unnecessary duplication and loss of effort, time and money.


You can decide how the content should be translated according to its importance; you can choose the desired level of quality at a given moment as well as the person who will take care of the project.

Superior quality at all times

Using the expertise of the « community » can be a good solution for your business, but you can also choose more traditional solutions and benefit from the expertise of experts in translation. If so, you can turn to human translation. For more information, click the button below.

You can also choose a compromise by starting with the Crowdsource translation option and then performing the checks using an effective technique called Proof-lingo. Click the button below to learn more.


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