Web page translation services

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High quality multilingual website content enhances your company’s brand image and is crucial in an international business, this is why we provide services such as:

  • translating the content of every page on the website
  • changing the graphical texts, colours and other elements to suit the style of a specific country
  • including scripts or modifying the existing scripts that would suit the local operating system
  • ensuring that the translated web pages are attractive and gain the same popularity in the search engines (SEO)

We understand that many people do not possess advanced English knowledge and therefore they feel more comfortable in speaking and reading in their native language. Presenting a website in the mother tongue of a client must surely be much more advantageous to business thereby doubling business opportunities. Your clients can freely explore the translated website you provide.

What is more, the green strategy allows us to translate more content with lower costs, thanks to re-using your linguistic assets. With us you will be provided with a global standard website with brand consistent look and meaning.

If you have any questions, contact one of our project managers or request an online quote.