Integration with Transenter solutions

Add a SECURE TRANSLATION BUTTON to your customers’ environment and provide them with multilingual support.

Read about Transenter’s solutions integration with ecmXperts.
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What makes Transenter solutions so exceptional:

  • Designed for software companies who want to offer their customers machine or human translations within an existing application, as well as for firms internally developing their own software solutions.
  • Enable straightforward integration of Transenter’s solutions into your or your clients corporate workflow and content management.
  • Unique combination of services easily accessible through a web interface or API providing simplified and secure translation for all customers.
  • Easy to integrate highly secured language translations into your own application, third-party software, desktop-based software, cloud or mobile solutions, WWW, online communications (chat, email), CMS, CRM, ECM systems and others.
  • An error-free process for managing multilingual content.
  • If your IT solution have an API or SDK Transenter specialists can integrate our software with it.

Solutions ready to be implemented in your environment – support your customers’ multilingual content:

  • Standalone secure translation module allowing the use of free translation engines with high data security. Internal, multilingual masking tool that depersonalizes and anonymizes sensitive information and recovers it in the foreign language. Protects content from being submitted to third parties, losing ownership of the data (Google translate, Bing etc.) or from subcontractors (e.g. translation agencies, law firms) who might be poorly protected against cyber-attacks and hacking.
  • Integration with Transenter’s Online Translation Management Platform. The Translation Platform is a secure and modern solution that integrates all translations within software (Machine Translation, Machine Translation + Post Editing, High Quality Human Translation). Solution provides a complete and accessible REST API, which allows simple integration with other systems.