One of our major concerns has always been the security of document management. We tend to pay particular attention to sharing and storing all documents containing customers’ key information properly. By developing advanced security procedures we make our clients aware of how important it is to protect valuable electronic information, which, for instance, can be easily and accidentally shared via the internet or emails. That is why, after much research and development, we have created and introduced Lingosec.
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Protect your company and use our sensitive content protection software.


  • Unique multilingual information masking tool
  • The only tool to depersonalize and anonymize sensitive information and recover it in the foreign language
  • Simple, internal tool, acting in accordance with data protection legislation and Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Protects your content from being submitted to third parties, losing ownership of the data (Google translate, Bing etc.) or from your subcontractors (eg. translation agencies, law firms) who might be poorly protected against cyber-attacks and hacking
  • Software that can be hosted by your company and work as buffer between the text owner (company) and the third party, protecting the information through linguistic encryption

What are your immediate BENEFITS of using our Lingosec solutions:

  • Securing documents without disturbing their internal structure and consistency
  • Increase of security for customers, employees and suppliers
  • Protect a company’s intellectual property and competitive advantage
  • Compliance with signed Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Acting in accordance with EU law on data protection to keep you more immune from severe turnover based fines which in case of extreme infringement may amount to 2% of annual global

Lingosec provides cutting edge linguistic content protection solution that minimize the risks of information leaking and economic espionage.

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transenter-lt-innovate-award-winner-2014-small transenter-lt-innovate-award-2014-small

TRANSENTER, won the LT-Innovate Award during the Language Technology Innovation Summit on June 24-25 in Brussels (LT-Innovate 2014).

Along with 23 other companies, TRANSENTER was nominated to the LT-Innovate Showcases & Awards. Transenter presented its new SENSITIVE CONTENT PROTECTION SOFTWARE, called LINGOSEC, which minimizes the risks of confidential information leaking and economic espionage in the process of automated and human translation (


The jury, consisting of experts from the industry and venture capital representatives, rated each presentation based on the following main criteria: innovation & technologicalexcellence, business potential, team experience, and investment or partnering interest.

TRANSENTER’s content anonymisation tool LINGOSEC finished second amongst the 6 highest ranked companies and won the LT-Innovate Award 2014. Lingosec’s uniqueness and efficiency in multilingual content masking was valued by the jury due to its potential to solve an important problem of sensitive information leaking.

This award shows the importance of data leaks issue, and the need for a tool that protects companies from losing IP or fines in the context of the upcoming changes to the data protection regulations.