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The Spanish Translation Centre provides professional human translation services, which are subject to strict quality control procedures. We keep the turnaround time as short as possible in addition to delivering a first-rate product, saving you both time and money.  Click here for price estimation. Click here for a price estimation.

Here are some facts about the Spanish language you might be interested to know:

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  • With 329 million native speakers, Spanish ranks as the world’s No. 2 language in terms of how many people speak it as their first language. It is slightly ahead of English (328 million) but far behind Chinese (1.2 billion).
  • Spanish has at least 3 million native speakers in 44 different countries, making it the fourth most geographically widely spoken language behind English, French and Arabic.
  • Spanish is one of the world’s most phonetic languages – if you know how a word is spelled, you can almost always know how it is pronounced. The main exception is recent words of foreign origin, which usually retain their original spelling.
  • Although Spanish originated on the Iberian Peninsula as a descendant of Latin, today it is has far more speakers in Latin America, having been brought to the New World by Spanish colonisation.
  • After Latin, the language that has had the biggest influence on Spanish is Arabic. Today, the foreign language exerting the most influence is English; Spanish has adopted hundreds of English words related to technology and culture.We ensure that your documents are translated with care and confidentiality. We use state-of-the-art technology, including a range of CAT-tools, to ensure a smooth translation process.

Experienced Spanish translators
We only work with experienced, highly qualified translators who have been carefully selected by our company. The translators we assign to your project will have the required knowledge and experience in their respective areas of expertise.

If you would like to have your documents translated for Spanish-speaking clients, there is the additional option of having them adapted to suit the Spanish market – both culturally and in a business context. Having your translation localised will give readers the impression that the text was originally written in Spanish, and we take the time to make sure the translation flows as naturally as possible.

Transenter strictly adheres to the ethical code for our industry and the standards set by the European Union of Associations of Translation Companies. Our translators are bound by a confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement – your material will always remain confidential.

Please feel free to request a quotation.

The Spanish Translation Centre uses various teams of specialist translators from and into Spanish, depending on the area in question. We make sure that we assign the work to translators who are native speakers of the target language, with the experience required to cope with the level of specialisation involved in your translation.

Legal Spanish translation:
Your legal documents are translated by experienced translators with a legal background. We will assure that your translation project is carried out by a professional who is familiar with the legal system in the country where your text is to be used.

Technical Spanish translation:
All manuals, technical specifications and instructions will be translated from or into Spanish by qualified professionals and reviewed by technical specialists.

Financial Spanish translation:
Our clients include investment companies, insurance companies and banks. Our financial translation team works closely with economists and financial analysts to offer expert translation of a wide range of financial documents including:

  • annual reports;
  • financial statements;
  • financial due diligence reports;
  • balance sheets etc.

Marketing translation:
Do you need your website, promotional material, brochures or presentations translated into Spanish?

Poorly translated marketing materials can jeopardise your marketing strategy. Therefore, we assign your text to a creative-minded translator with an excellent feel for the culture and consumer behaviour in Spain (or South America). In addition to standard translations of advertisements, brochures or flyers, we can offer you additional support with setting up PPC campaigns in your target country, and with starting up and maintaining Google AdWords campaigns in Spanish.

Website translation and localisation:
With a multilingual website you can revolutionise your market coverage. We offer full website localisation services in most of the main business languages. Our website translation team will work with you closely to ensure the international success of your website, providing support with:

  • website content translation into Spanish;
  • website optimisation including Spanish language-related support for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation);
  • keyword translation into Spanish.

We work with most formats: HTML, XML, JAVA, FLASH, PHP, etc.