Supportive Tools and Services for Translations

The establishment of our language technology department has led to the development of some unique technological solutions, all of which are used to support the translation process within Transenter. Now, we are able to offer this technology to your company to help you gain a competitive edge. Our supportive tools and services facilitate the translation process, extending the range of services available and providing a higher level of localization and delivery of multilingual content.

Complete control over the entire translation process

imlingo enhances productivity in project management by automating all standard processes, which enables you to manage translation projects effectively and transparently without restricting yourself to one particular language service provider.


Mistake free documents

Correct any previously translated texts by using an accessible online editor. Now you can fine-tune your translations easily and with reference to the source document.


Effective use of resources

Gain increased control of your linguistic assets by creation of your own database of previously translated texts in the form of TM.


Engaging global community

Take the opportunity to engage your user community or employees by providing reliable translations to expand and grow your business in a cost-effective manner.


Creation of templates and document designs

Make sure your final product is distinguishable by its quality and perfect appearance. Gain localized materials that comply with target-language standards.