Language Technologies for business

Survey Analysis

Customer feedback from the surveys for opinion on products, service, quality of goods, and other criteria, especially those indicated in open-ended questions, are significant for market research companies.

Transenter Language Technologies supports you with solutions that help you determine trends and avoid inefficiency when monitoring qualitative data coming in from customers and market research. Sample technologies:

Social customer relationship management & recommendations

Gathering and understanding people’s needs and opinions about a product or service that comes from social media, is crucial for business strategy. Thanks to clients’ recommendations, the company can discover its position within an industry and benchmark itself against other players in the market.

Transenter provides language technology services that gather and categorize all information from social media, which helps to create a picture of a client’s behaviour and interests, so that the company can personalize the communication channel for them and analyse how the opinion has changed during certain period of time. Sample technologies:

Managing the company’s reputation

Online reviews of products or services are great resource and feedback from the client, but can also be harmful for a company’s reputation.

Transenter Language Technologies can easily analyse and show precisely what the review presents and whether it is positive or negative. Thanks to keyword extraction the key topics are presented and categorized in groups of comments regarding certain company’s business areas. Sample technologies:

Fraud, Risk & Law Investigation

Fraud, risk and law investigations require analysis of large amounts of documents that have to be processed very quickly in order to find significant information for the investigation.

Transenter Language Technologies automate the process of data search and provide the company with relevant information while saving time and money. Sample technologies:

Public Policy

Reputation management at governmental level is very time consuming but plays significant role in public policy management.

Language technologies provided by Transenter may shorten the process of gathering opinions and even show the details of who is most active and how opinion influences the conversation, and how those opinions change over time. Sample technologies:

Business intelligence

Business intelligence consists of methodologies, theories and technologies that help to transform raw data and a huge amount of documents for business purposes. Business intelligence can handle unstructured data, which can help companies to identify business opportunities and gain competitive advantage.

Transenter Language Technologies will shorten the process of gathering the data, convert information into readable language, and identify names and relationships as well as trends and opinions, which may help the companies to systematize the data and use it for future business purposes. Sample technologies:

Public Relations & Marketing

Companies that pay attention to its marketing and PR activities have struggled with the large volume of user-generated content for the last few years. Manually tracking every source to identify whether the news or message about the brand, product or service was perceived clearly and correctly by the public, is time consuming and not cost effective.

Thanks to the Language Technologies which Transenter provides, you can easily automate the process, categorize the data, define the main references and opinions across all communications channels which allow companies to build effective marketing communication. Sample technologies:

Internet Media & Publishing

Internet media plays a significant role in the real world, where all news and information are gathered together in thousands of words and languages. In order to have a clear message for the public, media has to give clear and tailored messages.

Transenter offers you Language Technologies that can create more flexible and intelligent web publishing and make connections between reporters and journalists, and the variety of issues and events that they report on. These technologies help to create appropriate and maximally useful web presence for publishers due to the volume, diversity and the dynamics of stored content. Sample technologies:

Pharmaceutical Research

Researches in the pharmaceutical industry are crucial for developing new drugs and solutions for diseases. Pharmaceutical companies are forced to go through large amounts of data with careful consideration. Fast and easy navigation around scientific papers are the most demanding solution.

Transenter Language Technologies provide the solutions that can work with huge amounts of data, exploring big databases of content, analysing especially for clinical studies, based on multiple data sources and target identification for drug discovery.

Sample technologies:

Recruitment processes

Human resources and head hunting companies are struggling to find suitable candidates for certain positions. Going through huge databases, searching, analysing and selecting right application is very time consuming.

Transenter provides you with language technologies that automates the process, making it easy to manage and improve the selection process by identifying important features, keywords, relationships and many other definitive categories.

Sample technologies: