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Boost your profit margins and increase your TM consistency with LingoTM

Convert 15% of fuzzy matches into full matches and lower overall translation costs!

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What is LingoTM?

  • Lingo TM is an application of Smart Match Technology that provides broader and more consistent Translation Memory matching—TM storage and retrieval.
  • It ‘normalises’ the contents of Translation Memory segments, replacing proper names, dates, numbers, etc. with standardised entities.
  • It automatically re-inserts the normalised segments into the target language, taking care of translation and grammatical adaptation.
  • LingoTM is available as a plug-in and integrates with several CAT Tools.

LingoTM – the immediate benefits:

  • Improved quality of TM formatting: the tool increases consistency by detecting gaps and omissions in the existing TM segments.
  • Increased TM leverage: this is achieved by processing new segments for translation before matching them against the normalised Translation Memory.
  • Boosted profit: On average, 15% of the fuzzy matches are converted into full matches.
  • Reduced translation time.

How LingoTM works:

Dear Mr. Jones /
Geachte heer Jones
Dear Mr. Smith64%Geachte heer Smith100%
Managing Director of Global Pharmaceutics. / Directeur général de la Global Pharmaceutics.Managing Director of Green Solutions.62%Directeur général de Green Solutions.100%
Our flight was very late; we stayed one night in Milan. / Wij waren heel laat in Milaan aangekomen en bleven daarom maar één nacht.Our flight was very late; we stayed one night in Barcelona.88%Wij waren heel laat in Barcelona aangekomen en bleven daarom maar één nacht.100%

**How TM normalisation works

  • Dear Mr Jones – Dear Mr <LastName>
  • Managing Director of Global Pharmaceutics – Managing Director of <NameCompany>
  • Our flight was very late; we stayed one night in Milan – Our flight was very late; we stayed one night in <NameCity>

Average change in TM matches: +15%*

*The percentage may vary according to Source Text and the quality of TM

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