Content Protection Solutions

Did you know that every day:

  • most international companies violate Non-Disclosure Agreements without knowing it?
  • the competitive advantage and continuity of your business is at stake?
  • thousands of documents are uploaded to the internet unknowingly by your employees and subcontractors?

How come your company is at risk?

Even if your corporate language is English, employees are increasingly exposed to foreign languages and international collaborations. This is also true of your subcontractors and partners: law firms, marketing and translation agencies, payroll and HR firms. Those third parties have direct access to your often confidential data and process them. Your company may prepare airtight NDAs, but third parties may work in a less secure IT environment than your company’s, and your documents might leak through because third parties use online translation tools or are victims of cyber-attacks.

If information is innocently uploaded into an online program such as Google Translate, it enters the marketplace. If there was sensitive or confidential data there, it has just gone into public domain. What was your competitive advantage has potentially become a competitor’s advantage. Or, worse still, you may have broken a Non- Disclosure Agreement. And most unfortunately, you or one of your colleagues may have provided that information without knowing it.

Do you really want your crucial information falling into the wrong hands?

What are the consequences?

Crucial and confidential data has both a price and a market. We all know that. But the recent and shocking revelations about PRISM and Project Tempora have revealed that there is the facility, technology, and desire to collect and pass on your information. That means that governments and (commercial) intelligence have possible access to your trade secrets. And, over time, they can make knowledge out of the metadata collected about your company. The problem isn’t hypothetical – it is very real.

The world of communications is constantly in flux as new technologies and changing global dynamics influence the way communicators work. Information about companies and individuals, even supposedly highly secured individuals such as world leaders, can be gathered by these new technologies. Thus, a logical step is securing your confidential data better.

Ask yourself few questions:

      • Have you ever used any free online translators?
      • Have you used virtual servers to share data?
      • Have you sent any documents to external translators?

If you answered YES at least for one question… Your content might be public by now and your company is at risk and you really need to consider using Lingosec.

Would you like to know more? Check LINGOSEC website for more info.