Electronics and high-tech translation study

A major European hi-tech manufacturing company required updating of a vast array of technical manuals and the translation of several items of technical documentation. As upgrades and translations are made to the hardware devices, they are exported to the US, Europe and other Asian countries. Competition in this industry is intense; therefore speed is a crucial value. All the devices need to be supplied to international consumers in a strictly appointed time; any delay may have substantial financial consequences.


Technical translations require a high level of knowledge, familiarity with relevant terminology and skills. We offer translation and management of large amounts of technical documents such as manuals, technical specifications and instructions professionally, with a high level of accuracy and under tight deadlines.


  • Reducing time-to-market of cutting-edge products
  • Keeping pace with the competitors
  • Managing brand consistency
  • Strengthening the relationship with contemporary consumers
  • Managing the translation process clearly
  • Reducing the cost of translation


Going worldwide requires the creation and management of large amounts of technical and marketing content. Transenter has used several solutions combined to offer the opportunity of translating our client’s manuals and all kinds of documents into several languages at high speed, but not at the expense of quality.



imlingo Manager: Secure and modern solution that integrates all translation projects within your company into one site; manages resources effectively and gains total control over the whole translation process:


MT-lingo: automated translation solution for technical support content, product documentation, web content or any other translation needs, best for all your high-volume translation requirements:


Post-lingo: perfect tool for improving any machine translated text using human linguistic skills:


TM-lingo: solution offering increased control of linguistic assets, as well as overall consistency of the output; helps to create a centralized storage of all corporate terminology, industry-specific glossaries:

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