Chinese Translations

The year of the dragon has begun. History and beliefs are of great importance to the Chinese. If one believes the predictions of the Chinese, this year promises to be full of opportunities to earn good money for those who start a new business venture or plan to expand an existing one.

China is now a significant player on global markets, and the pace at which their economy is developing is impressive. No wonder that an increasing number of European companies are taking advantage of the opportunities that this market offers. However, some companies are failing to take advantage because of a language barrier. That is why Transenter is offering professional translation services to all companies that want to broaden their business impact. With our services you can feel safe and sound.

We provide translation of all kinds of text such as:

  • trade agreements,
  • marketing texts,
  • websites,
  • technical texts,
  • legal documents,
  • financial documents.

and any other specialist translations not listed here.

Translations are carried out by qualified translators who have received proper translation training in each sector or have their educational background in it.


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