The European Conference on Future Transport Fuels 2012

Transenter took part in hosted by Forum Europe and the Centre for European Policy Studies, The European Conference on Future Transport Fuels 2012 that took place in Brussels on 29th November.

A key initiative of the Europe 2020 strategy is to support the shift towards a resource-efficient, low-carbon economy. As part of this, the European Commission has committed to modernise and decarbonise the transport sector, and will this Autumn be launching a communication on alternative transport fuels in order to help Europe seize the full potential of green vehicles, contributing to the fight against climate change and the shift away from oil dependency.

Taking place against this backdrop, this conference examined the different green tools that can play a vital role in Europe’s transport landscape and debated how to incentivise and standardise the use of such technologies and fuels. It also discussed the necessary policy and financing measures that need to be undertaken to develop an adequate infrastructure for alternative fuels and electric vehicles.

Crucially, by bringing together key stakeholders and decision makers, it provided the opportunity to take stock of the plans outlined in the Commission’s communication, assess the proposed measures, and share thoughts on the concrete steps that need to be taken and the challenges that remain as we move towards the implementation of an alternative fuel strategy for Europe.

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