A typical day in the office

The alarm clock rings, you still have the sheets printed on your face, you push the snooze button, and it rings again. OK time to get up. You have a shower, grab a bite to eat, some coffee (definitely don’t forget coffee). You leave, public transport. OWWWW lovely public transport, the lady in front of you smells. You spend 10 minutes holding your nose. Too many people, silly questions start going through your head with no answer: how can it be so cramped all the time? How many people are in here? EW what is she wearing? What a sweet little dog! Wonder where she got her bag?

Ok enough of that, this is your stop. You walk into the office turn on your computer. Another coffee, never forget the coffee. You check your e-mails, write the tasks of the day down. You go to the loo. Start on your work and before you know it, it’s lunchtime.

Lunchtime, there’s a queue no one can agree on where to eat. Finally foooood !

You rush back to the office, a couple of meetings, finish your tasks, your back hurts, more e-mails.

It’s home time !

Ow no, more public transport.

Get home, chill. You really would love to go for a drink but you’re just too tired from sitting in front of a computer all day. No need to complain, you just get back home and what do you do? You put yourself back in front of a computer checking Facebook. Silly you.

23h, you fall asleep in front of the TV. Bed time.

Put your alarm on and start again the next day.


Well, if someone asks you what is your usual day like, this is most probably what you would answer, with a wry expression on your face, indicating this monotonous routine, day after day, day in and day out. Right?

This shouldn’t be your answer. You should be earning a life not a living. Each and every one of us should learn to love what we do.

Polly Hodgkins

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